Sunday, October 7, 2007

Season Tickets

I’ve been hearing rumors lately that you can call the Wizards offices to put down your deposit for 2008 Wizards season tickets. Call me crazy, but don’t you need to have a venue to play in before you should start doing that? Last year I had trusted in blind fate that the team would have somewhere for the team to play this year, so I had no problem throwing down my $50 deposit. Maybe it was the newness of having new ownership, or the fact that they were doing it while the season was still going on, instead of in January, like the previous ownership.

Not any more. My season tickets will not be renewed until I have seen a confirmed release on where the team will be playing next year. From listening to the radio and reading blogs, it had sounded like an announcement was suppose to come around the time of the Beckham game, so that the team could capitalize on that. Well, here we are going on two weeks since that game and still no announcement on where the team will be playing.

I’d also heard from Greg Cotton in a radio interview that he had stated that they hoped to have the permanent site announced as well. This is a little more excusable, as the whole process is currently out of their hands, waiting for the KC TIF council to decide on whether the Wizards and Lane4’s plan for the former Bannister Mall location is worth the TIF that they are asking for.

My point still remains, though; I will not be sending the Wizards any money towards the 2008 season until I have seen where the team is playing next year. I’d like to close by thanking Baine for the opportunity to post here in his collective.

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