Thursday, January 17, 2008

Fire Sale

On 14 January Cerner Corp. cuts 97 jobs in the KC area. Company spokeswoman Kay Hawes said that the local layoffs were part of global job eliminations totaling 152 positions. This is not good news for Cerner Stock holders. As if the 3rd quarter report of Cerner shares losing $5.93, or 9 percent was not bad enough.

I know you all are thinking this has no effect on us or the Wiz. Or does it?

That's 97 former employees that will not buy tickets for themselves or their family. I might go as far as to say some will probably never have anything to do with any of Mr. Neal Patterson's holdings.

As for the the Wizards they are saving money by trading away Nick Garcia and Jose Burciaga . And look at the cash they save in salary and make in transfer fees by letting Eddie Johnson go with out a fight.

Now we hear that Sasha is out the door too. Who will be next, Jack Jewsbury , Kerry Zavagnin or even Jimmy? Will we have any experienced starters left?

Now if we can have a moment of silence for those Wizards you may not have ever heard of. Yes I mean our waivered Youth.

Edson Elcock - waived
AJ Godbolt - waived
Chris Konopka - waived
Willy Guadarrama – waived

I would like to thank you all for your service to the Wizards and the community. Some of you have been kind enough to volunteer your time to this community. Some have taken leadership roles, others have sold themselves.

Strange how both Cerner and On Goal LLC. seem to be cutting costs.

This has been,
Baines Breath.


Anonymous said...

The salary paid to players has no effect one way or the other on the team's bottom line. Those salaries are paid by the league.

George Shook said...

I echo what Mark says.

Cerner cutting costs doesn't have any real correlation to Wizards cutting players...

Those guys cut - they sucked and needed to be moved to make room for who gets drafted.

Nick getting traded, good move to get that #1draft pick. Well, we'll see for sure once we see who we draft. And Jose was in Onalfo's doghouse.. unless you think that CO was told to not trade him until Cerner cut those jobs...

And there's no real substance to a trade for Victorine...let alone Kerry or Jimmy.

So, no KC not cutting costs - how about making moves to reload the team.

I just don't see how you can draw a logical or legitimate correlation between the 2 events.

Anonymous said...

I wasn't aware that Cerner was our owners.... hmmm I thought it was a separate company, with separate books, budgets and revenue streams....

Look, I feel bad anytime people lose their jobs due to downsizing, but that is a fact of life in corporate America. People dont stay at jobs for ever... Rather than crying about the lost 97 jobs, and the lost revenue for the Wizards (Ill get to that later), why not thank Cerner Corp for the over 7,800 other people they employ (or at least the 4,900 here in the Greater Kansas City area)? Those 97 jobs are barely 1% of the total workforce employed, my company lost 5% of its workforce today (2 of 40) does that the owners of my company horrible, money-mongering tightwads?

Also, why are you saying they wont buy tickets next season? THEY DIDNT BUY TICKETS THIS SEASON! Attendance went down, so if Cerner employees that were not buying tickets before On Goal bought the team, started buying them afterwards; they were a very, very, very minimal amount or THOUSANDS of old fans left when On Goal bought the team.
I tend to believe the former.

The point I am trying to make is that there is ABSOLUTELY NO connection between Cerner cutting jobs and the Wizards trading players. They are ran by separate organizations, with separate leadership groups and separate goals.

Oh yeah, and there is the final nail in the coffin mentioned above by Mark and George, and re-iterated by Sam and Chad on Bigsoccer: the league pays the salaries, so the Wizards do NOT save a single penny by trading players away.

Anonymous said...

A major contributing factor to Cerner's 9% stock price drop is the heavy overall speculation in the stock.

It is rated as a blue-chip company by many of the top analysts out there, and people have been buying in and selling profits.

Anonymous said...

Now I see why everyone posts anonymously here. No one would dare put their name behind such idiotic drivel.