Tuesday, September 25, 2007

John Hancock Lives

Thanks to freedom of speech, congratulations should go out to Wizards Fans everywhere. Also kudos to the voice of sanity in the front office.

What am I talking about? Here's the low down. An attempt to appease the fan base has been made by the Wizards organization.
Dateline 09/25/2007 6:49PM
Wizards announce benefits for Thursday ticket-holders

Great stuff here.
They are giving us Free Parking! For those of you that have been to a match this season so far nothing has changed. If you’re a season ticket holder, remember when they informed you that parking was included in your ticket package for the Beckham game? You get nothing and will like it.

"Buy one playoff ticket; get one free playoff ticket for the first home playoff game." It gets no better than this, especially if we make it to the playoffs. Woe is the season ticket holder who should use Ticket A, and B. Now, if you the season ticket holder wish to purchase extra tickets you may take advantage of this offer.

"A drawing for three kids to have a Wizards starting player...visit their school." Yes, your child has a 1 in..... lets see.. 25 to 30 thousand tickets sold for this match, and say 24% of those are children under 14 years of age. A 1 in 7,500 chance of being that lucky child. Just face it the odds are completely against your child winning this drawing.

NASCAR driver David Ragan signing autographs before the game. Not sure what car he drives but this is cool. Of course where in the Metro can you not meet a NASCAR driver this weekend?

A performance by the band Liverpool. Love their version of the White album. Excuse me. Do we not have a band at every game?

"[A] special pre-game tribute to Galaxy midfielder Cobi Jones." Please make sure you keep beer away from all kitchen utensils, spoons in particular. We do not want beer to be flung at Cobi again.

"The first 10,000 fans into the stadium will receive blue and white thundersticks courtesy of game-sponsor M&I Bank, and the game ball will be delivered to mid-field by jet pack. After the game there will be a fireworks show and then Wizards players signing autographs." I like Fireworks. I liiiike Fireworks! I LIKE FIREWORKS!

Lets not forget the
Blue Flags in the KC Cauldron. Start at post#28

And last but not least do not forget tea bagging 2007. Just a little reminder. Thursday night, when the the game clock reads 12 minutes 16 sec, we throw
2 tea bags high into the air as a symbolic gesture of protest, such as our fore fathers did on Thursday December 16, 1773 to protest the Tariffs the British imposed on them. The 2007 Kansas City version of the Boston Tea Party.

One Last thing. What are the Wizards going to do to make the season ticket holders feel better about those extra tickets they purchased? With the exception of NASCAR driver David Ragan, and of course we can't forget the jet pack ball delivery, it sounds just like every other home game.

This has been,
Baines Breath.


George Shook said...

Um, your A and B ticket are free. Season ticket holders get them for free. So, I don't see your point. It's not like season ticket holders are gonna go buy a ticket for that game for themselves when they already have a free ticket.

George Shook said...
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George Shook said...

you make me laugh.

But I also agree with some of the stuff you say.

If you are gonna blog, at least have thick enough skin to take the criticism. Especially since you are doing a lot of it.

Roush said...

Ironic, isn't it, that the lasting image of the jet pack delivering the ball to midfield is that of the Wizards players cowering and covering their ears to prevent the piercing howl of the exhaust from deafening them.... Immediately before a game in which communication seemed to be a bit lacking and we lost.

Whoever had the bright idea to deliver a ball to midfield via this method should be forced to bob for apples in the creek running behind the training facility for a week.