Monday, September 24, 2007

The Stamp Act of 2007

The British were coming the British were coming.
Just a little reminder, in case you did not get the memo,
Beckham's out 4 weeks with a knee injury. What does this mean?
This means the invasion was stopped somewhere in Louisiana along the Mississippi River and those of you in Kansas City will be spared any blood shed. This does not include your wallet. More than likely it has been bleeding so you could pay the extra tariff to see Beckham play. Granted you get to watch a Major League Soccer team every home game. Yes the LA Galaxy is also a Major League Soccer team. And yes you will see Donavon and Klein AGAIN. Yet someone in the Wizards Homeland Security Department (WHSD) decided to impose a tariff based on a single player's appearance. "This tariff was set up to help offset any unexpected costs that the British threat might have incurred," according to the head of WHSD. "This tariff was establish to protect you the fan, not pad our pockets, and it has not helped allow us to travel to Europe and see other

So now it is time to spin the Beckham injury.
In the August 30 article,
Beckham to miss game in Kansas City, Robb Heineman is quoted as saying "Regardless, it’s going to be a great game with the Wizards and Galaxy and going to be a great night at Arrowhead Stadium.” And I hope he is right. We need a win or our road to the playoffs will become frought with potholes. But what I find interesting is Wizards director of communications, Rob Thomson, boasts “We still have a lot of live music and contests … we’re still going to blow up this game into a big event.”

Thomson said there would be some sort of concessions or enhancements made by the club to ticket holders but that it was premature to say what those might be. “That’s something we’re going to have to sit down and discuss as a staff,” Thomson said. “We’ll try to add to or enhance the whole day, and I’m sure there’s something we’ll do for our fans as well."

This all appeared in the Kansas City Star on August 30. We, those that payed the tariff, still have heard nothing about these "enhancements". And as of this posting there is nothing listed on the
Wizards website, no press release or season ticket holder news flash e-mail.

The spinning continues.
According to an article on Sep 6 titled
Beckham injury has Wizards spinning no-refund policy, the Wizards have "bumped ticket prices to $35 and $50 for the Beckham game. Most single-game Wizards tickets range from $16 to $20. And where parking is free to Wizards games at Arrowhead this year, the team instituted a $10 parking fee for the Beckham game."

And here is my favorite "Wizards spokesman Rob Thomson earlier this week likened a possible Beckham no-show to attending a San Francisco Giants game where Barry Bonds did not play." But unlike the Royals you are charging us a Tariff. I have never heard of a Major League team in the USA changing it's ticket prices or parking fee based on one regular season game. Much less implementing that change to watch us take on the last place team.

So to the fans I have a suggestion on how to show the WHSD that you do not appreciate this tariff. Thursday night, when the the game clock reads 12 minutes 16 sec, we throw
2 tea bags high into the air as a symbolic gesture of protest, such as our fore fathers did on Thursday December 16, 1773 to protest the Tariffs the British imposed on them. The 2007 Kansas City version of the Boston Tea Party.

In memory of John Hancock

This has been
Baines Breath.


George Shook said...

Chicago Cubs have different prices for home games based on the opponent. KC Royals have different pricing for the Cardinals home games. Missouri Tigers have different ticket prices for different games. Good job though, try a different approach.

Tariffs... too funny.

But hey, you probably won't allow this to be posted just like you didn't allow my last comment.

George Shook said...