Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The season is right around the corner.

Yes, believe it or not, the fans are getting excited about the draft.

Lets be brutally honest, the fans opinions really mean nothing when it comes to player personnel decisions. What am I really saying? Peter and Curt could care less what you and I think. Just send the sales department your money for those tickets and Sing and Chant. Face it you and I do not know what is best for the Club. If we did we would be working for them.

I have to say that BenC1357 might be right. " I mainly have this feeling because the top players in the draft usually use MLS as a stepping stone toward Europe and MLS never sees their best days, or they simply flop. " And Curt's is quote in the Star, “We want to be a franchise that’s selling players all the time” makes BenC1357 correct.

But lets look at who we might get anyway.

Patrick Nyarko He is 21+ and a 6 footer. Not bad height for a MLS but a bit short for most European teams. Comes with ACC honors and could develop into something special. Conclusion Curt would sell him.

Sean Franklin Nice career at Cal State, does have international experience. Short but fast. Can play DM or D. Current Club San Fernando Valley Quakes

Julius James All-American honoree and collected BIG EAST Defensive Player of the Year. Nice size for a physical defender and has the potential of representing Trinidad and Tobago. What does this mean? If he wants to play for MLS, he will only be a Youth International (YI) for one season. This is a serious problem for him and undercuts his value.

Chance Myers First-team All-Pac-10 honoree. Another DM and has been chosen to Participate in under 23 service. Hello Beijing. Could be a problem. I as a fan hate to lose half the team to national call up.

Eric Avila A true midfielder, M.A.C. Hermann trophy candidate. Someone who might step up in Davey's absence.

What the Wiz need is are forwards, defenders, wing and center back (now say goodbye Nick and Jose). And anyone who went to a match last season knows they need a Midfield. Just watching the ball go from a defender to a forward was getting pretty boring.

Lets Face the facts. We have traded away talent and are rebuilding. This means as fans we may as well admit that we have the potential of losing a lot of our games, although the Wizards will find a pretty way to package the truth and won't admit to rebuilding.

All of this really does not matter because Peter and Curt have already made their decisions. They will pick the players that have the most value, or should I say resale value.

Enjoy the baseball stadium, Stand a chant, and watch us rebuild this team for a winning inaugural season in the SSS.

This has been,
Baines Breath.


Anonymous said...

in regards to julius james, mls did away with the youth international designation for next year. it is now merely x number of internationals, senior or youth.

Anonymous said...

Whoever this person is who writes this blog sounds suspiciously like Wizardscharter from BigSoccer...ever the pessimist. Why no comment on the jerseys, huh?

Anonymous said...

I don't see this as unnecessarily negative, or willfully ignorant of the facts like WC. Trading vets for draft picks is indeed the sign of a team that is changing, whether you call it a youth movement, re-structuring or re-building. However, Garcia is coming off his worst season as a pro, and isn't getting any younger. Burciaga has been injury- and mistake-prone his whole career...while he certainly has some great skills.

George Shook said...

Can't really say we are rebuilding until we see what happens in the draft, and whoever else we acquire. It sure could be rebuilding but it could also be reloading.

pay per head services said...

I agree with you. Fans are always blinded by different things that they don't make the right decision about their team.